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OMG Obama.........

after seeing what all was happening I went to and was in dear hopes of venting frustration at joining another war for no damn reason... but that site only takes contributions..., give it a damn break... we didn`t need another war, My nephews and cousins and family deserve peace. we want our family home.... WTH give it a rest.political power plays be damned . keep justifying how a service station can increase the prices of gas already paid for transport , refining and delivery... justify giving foreign aid when our lost and out of work suffer, justify how it is better to feed others while our children starve... america is going to hell for political prowess. I tried for years to see the best , but no longer. We have No buisness interviening in foreign nations while ours falters, phasician heal thyself.. fix your own house before you fix your neighbors . it is time for america to stop allowing the miss justice to reign... I was no opposed to a new president, just stupidity.
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i agree


March 29 2011, 02:50:58 UTC 7 years ago

I was hoping for a new presidnet who would actually stop all this stupid bombing of other countries... we so need to help our country first... we have so many homeless and starving ppl but our president and actors make sure other nations comes first.... its so freakin rediculous... if only one star would donate one pay check we could do so much for our own freakin country