Rumlover (rumlover) wrote,

are you serious?

Around a decade ago when the net was still young , it wasthought my chest pain and ill feelings were due to a gi problem. Just went thru a 5 bypass open heart bring your own. It sucked but Im still around with grand children no less. Never thought to have this journal so long or to put so much me in it. I always maintained a net presence but seldom shared this part of it my life has taken a few harsh turns so I am going to share a little more openly lest this part of me be lost . Rumlover came about with the introduction of the zoom 14.4 modem and netscape navigator. He was young playful amd meant no harm.he grew with the net and met wonderful people the world over as rumlover,oldmanfate,timeshift,elrod whitehead,khronos.
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